4 exciting Dreamforce 2022 Manufacturing sessions you should attend that would help to learn , do and connect with more peers.

If you are a salesforce admin, sales operation or IT leader in manufacturing attending dreamforce, my blog here will provide you with some fantastic sessions that you can bookmark or plan to attend. Given this year will be a fully attended event after covid, there will be a huge crowd and lots of fun events and parties planned as well.

Transforming a 100 Year Old Manufacturer for the Digital Age

The above is a good session on an HVAC manufacturer’s journey to digital transformation. This would be a great session to learn more about after-market revenue streams which have become a hot topic for manufacturers to increase their revenue and how we leverage the salesforce platform to enable your organization to do it.

Product Roadmap: The Future of Manufacturing Cloud

If you are using Manufacturing cloud or you plan to use it in the future, this is a must-attend session. Product roadmap sessions are usually available in dreamforce or other salesforce events and so make sure you attend this in person. If you are going as a team and have conflicts, it is good to have someone attend this and take notes for you.

How Manufacturers Translate Data into Insights and Action

Here is another great session that will provide insights on reporting and dashboards that can be leveraged using Salesforce. If you are struggling with a legacy BI reporting tool or use Tableau in another department, this session will provide good examples of leveraging Salesforce-based tools to provide contextual insights to your users. Watch out for industry expert Tony Kratvil’s industry trends and insights and Tenneco’s journey to make it happen.

Manufacturing & Auto Keynote: Connect the Value Chain

Do not miss the manufacturing keynote which is listed above. There will be 2 or 3 use-cases on how manufacturers are successful using salesforce and a good amount of fun.

If you are not attending dreamforce and in Philly, you are welcome to attend our dreamforce watch party where you can see the keynote with other manufacturers. We will share a lot of best practices and also have fun with food and drinks. Feel free to register here by clicking on this link below.

To summarize, here are some tips for making the best use of dreamforce.

  1. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for a lot of walking and have water with you.
  2. Attend 1 networking event, keynote, and the manufacturing cloud roadmap session.
  3. If you want to see the rest of the manufacturing sessions and bookmark and attend, here is a good link for you to register.
  4. If you are around Philly and want to see the manufacturing keynote along with your other manufacturing friends, feel free to join our watchparty and register for fun, learning with your peers, and food.

Feel free to post your comments below and you are always welcome to reach out to me at buyan@eigenx.com for further questions.

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