How to make your sales, service, marketing, and admin teams happy, do more, and prevent problems with Summer 23 features for Manufacturers.

If you are in Manufacturing and use Salesforce, here is my blog that will provide you with key features that will help you to do more with less time, generate more insights, and prevent problems.


Split Revenue by Product Mix with Opportunity Product Splits (Generally Available)

Use opportunity product splits to allocate revenue at a more granular level to team members who collaborate on complex opportunities. Without leaving the opportunity record, teams can see how multiple products and each team member fit into a sales motion. And with opportunity product splits reports, team members can track all of the opportunities they contribute to.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Developer, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions. Product splits are automatically rolled up to the opportunity split level, so each team member can see their portion of the entire deal.

How this would be helpful: For Manufacturers who are looking to sell long-term sales opportunities, with the new product splits, the sales team can be incentivized to sell strategic products quicker compared to others.

Pipeline inspection tool

How this would be helpful: This is a new free feature that the sales team should leverage right away. With the pipeline feature, the sales team can manage pipeline reports easily with an easy-to-use Kanban view on pipeline changes and have the management quickly understand opportunities, add, change, and move out quickly. This is for manufacturing where sales teams can be incentivized to sell long-term opportunity products.

Sales Operations – Territory management using boundary fields

Customer Need
Organizations may want to use their own boundary field values when assigning units to boundaries in Territory Planning.​ Enable this functionality from the Data Management configuration, then populate the Boundary and Country fields during dataset creation.​

How could this be useful:
Territory Planning uses latitude and longitude to assign units to boundaries. By using this feature instead, you can use your own boundary fields, which will result in better matches when publishing to Enterprise Territory Management. This is a good feature for Manufacturers who do not use zip codes and use a combination of zipcodes or loose geographical areas to define for their sales team or field service teams.


Bring Einstein Bot experiences to Whatsapp​ to handle international customers and partners.

Create an enhanced WhatsApp channel. Then add the Route Workflow Action to an Omni-Channel flow to route conversations to and from an enhanced bot.​

How would this be useful:

For Manufacturers who have international customers, wholesalers, dealers, and resellers, this will help to automate user queries and tasks with Bots in the Enhanced Whatsapp Channel.​

Einstein GPT – Generative Response for self-service

Agents need a faster way to reply to customer questions and want to spend their time adding value to the conversation, rather than writing or repeating the same response across customers.​

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing: For manufacturers who want to create self-service for their products or partners, this feature would automatically generate/suggest responses to assist agents in a Messaging conversation with a customer reducing Average Handle Time​.

Einstein GPT- Summarize your customer conversations quickly.

Agents need a quicker and faster way to wrap up after a customer conversation ends.​ This requires Live Agent and Einstein Case Wrap-up. We will auto-summarize the chat conversation into three buckets – issue, summary, and resolution.​

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing: Auto-generate a summary from a chat conversation between a customer and an agent so that agent is spending less time wrapping up a case.​


Keep Your Account Engagement Business Unit Running Smoothly with Optimizer (Generally Available)

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing:

Get performance information, recommendations, and required steps on the Optimizer page when you need them. The Optimizer feature, now generally available, also includes some changes since the last release. Diagnose and treat setup problems that are blocking your access to features with the Configuration Issues table. The Performance Improvement Measures table now includes good measures so that you can see what’s working well in your business unit. Plus, the new Prospect Change Monitor helps you understand which features result in the most prospect changes for your business unit.

Field Service Lightning – Offline capability for your Mobile Workers

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing: If you are using field service lightning, this feature would help you to customize the offline capability with the ability to add offline images, and take pictures which would be critical for field service technicians.

Experience cloud – Expose Knowledge articles in your LWR self-service portals for your distributor, reseller, and customer portals.

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing: Organizations have asked for the ability to show Knowledge Articles in Experience Cloud’s Lightning Web Runtime (LWR).​ If you have custom portals built with LWR, you can now add self-service capability by adding knowledge to your portals helping to increase deflection rates.

Manufacturing Cloud – End-to-end warranty lifecycle management with warranty administration, claims capture, automated claims processing, and claims adjudication.​

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing: Manufacturers aim to efficiently manage the end-to-end warranty lifecycle to optimize warranty costs and increase customer satisfaction.​


This can help in creating more filters on the dashboard and display more insights.

Save time feature – Productivity

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing: Manufacturers generally have a lot of related records on the orders, account planning custom objects and opportunities. With this feature, users can now take action on the related records right away rather than going to the parent object and performing actions.

Improve performance

How would this be helpful for Manufacturing: Manufacturers generally do a lot of account planning and territory alignment every year. Due to sharing rules, it takes a lot of time for the admins to reassign ownership and update related records. With this new feature, admins will be able to do quick updates on the sharing records and make the territory planning quickly which will result in the sales team accessing the right records quickly.

prevent problems

This is great tool to debug LWC components on offline and mobile use-cases.

No more process builders and get ready for flows.

To summarize for Manufacturers, here are the top 3 features which you should use right away or have the admin tema enable it for you.

  1. Pipeline inspection – Have this feature turned on immediately and delight your sales leadership to view pipeline changes in a Kanban view to track opportunity changes.
  2. Take a stab with the Einstein Case wrap-up feature which would help to summarize your self-service team chats quickly which can open the way for future knowledge.
  3. Stop focusing on process builders and have your admin team focused on flows and plan for a migration to flows as process builders will be retired in the coming years.

As always feel free to post your comments or email me at for further questions.

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