Spring 18 Lightning only features for Higher Ed which saves time, more capability and prevent problems

If you are a higher ed user planning to use lightning or trying to justify the value of migrating to lightning, this post would help you to identify spring 18 features which would help you to save time, get more out of your investment and prevent problems.

Marketing Departments

Connect Your Pardot Campaigns to Salesforce Campaigns (Beta)

Let your marketing department use the features of both Pardot and Salesforce with a single set of campaign records. When campaigns are connected, marketers can design engagement programs, track campaign influence and engagement history, and manage campaign members, all on the same record in Salesforce. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

When you enable B2B Marketing in Setup, Pardot becomes a native Salesforce called B2B Marketing within Salesforce. Marketing users can log in to Salesforce, use both Pardot and Salesforce features, and work with their Pardot data right in Salesforce. In the B2B Marketing app, users can connect their Pardot campaign records with Salesforce campaign records, either individually or in bulk. Then, whether users work with Salesforce or Pardot features, they use the Salesforce campaign record.

  • Connecting campaigns lets Pardot users access Customizable Campaign Influence to track the opportunities generated by their campaigns.
  • For connected campaigns, Pardot engagement history data becomes available in Salesforce.

Matching  Leads with Accounts

If you use Pardot, help your teams practice account-based marketing by using your Salesforce data in a new way. In Lightning App Builder, add the Matched Leads component to your business account pages to show leads matched to an account, with the best matches first. Sales teams can convert leads without leaving the account. By reducing redundant data, the Matched Leads component helps you work toward complying with various data protection and privacy regulations.

The Matched Leads component is populated by a new standard matching rule for leads on accounts. If you deal with continuing education students who work for organizations, by looking at the company, you can easily convert the leads to contacts eliminating duplicates.


Manage List emails in one place

Increase Your Efficiency with List Emails Managed in One Place.

With the List Emails tab, your advisors now manage all their list emails in one place. Use the List Emails tab to create a new list email and to view and monitor list emails. This would help advisors to set up reminders on key activities.

Relate Important Meetings to Contacts and Leads Easily

For advisors who want to track campus visit events on their prospective students,  now it’s no sweat to track these meetings. When advisors invite a contact or lead to a meeting, set up those records to relate to the event automatically. Related events show up on the related tab and the activity timeline for those contacts and leads, giving reps a 360-degree view on their deals. This feature also requires Lightning Sync.

Data Quality

Good clean data builds the trust of your admissions and marketing team. It also helps you work toward complying with various data protection and privacy regulations. So you’ve got everything to gain by getting a global view of duplicate records. Use duplicate jobs with standard or custom matching rules to scan your Salesforce business or person accounts, contacts, or leads for duplicates. Share job results with others and merge the duplicates—all within Salesforce. Use information about duplicate jobs you’ve run to track your progress in reducing duplicate records. This feature is only for ultimate and performance editions.

One stop service center

See Your Customer’s Verified Status and Social Persona (1): Now you can see if you’re chatting with a verified user. Verified means that Facebook or Twitter has confirmed the brand, business, or public figure’s identity. The customer’s Social Persona, including followers, Twitter bio, and Influencer Score is also available.

Learn More About Your Customers with Author Labels (2): Author labels help you better understand your customer. For example, see if your customer is an Expert or a VIP. Customize author labels to suit your business needs.

Keep the Conversation Cool with Sentiment Temperatures (3): Is your customer feeling positive, negative, or neutral? Check the sentiment temperature before jumping into the next conversation.

Change the View with Expanded and Collapsed Cases (4): Want to get more details about a particular social media case? Open a social conversation to view recent posts at the top, with first post and parents posts at the bottom. Collapse the conversation to see more of your existing cases.

More capability

Search for Report Folders with Salesforce Search

It’s gotten much easier to find the report and dashboard folders you’re looking for, now that folders are supported in global search.

Searching for folders in global search works just like you’d expect for other Salesforce objects. Only one extra step to remember: If the folder you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the search results, click Show More on the left side of the page, and select Folders to display the matching folders.

Report Builder (Beta)

The second beta release of the Lightning Experience report builder features buckets, cross filters, and summary formulas. Dashboards feature color themes and palettes, Lightning tables are generally available, and you can subscribe to dashboards.

To summarize, here are the top 3 features which you should leverage immediately if you are using lightning.

  1. Run data quality jobs to clean your data.
  2. Use the leads to account component on account pages to view any leads matching the account. This should help in identifying duplicate students.
  3. Use list emails to send emails quickly to prospective students.

Please feel free to post your comments below. If you have any further questions, you can always email me at buyan@eigenx.com.

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