6 Exciting Dreamforce Higher Ed sessions you should attend that would help to learn, do and connect with more peers

If you are in higher education attending dreamforce or planning to see dreamforce sessions, my blog here will provide you guidelines on some key sessions you want to bookmark or attend that will help you to meet your admissions, marketing, and student success goals.


Driving Applicants to Action: 8 Steps to Admissions Success

Admissions Connect is a powerful tool for turning applicants into enrolled students. Learn how CU Colorado Springs managed the implementation process and streamlined the applicant experience. This will be a good session for universities struggling with your current application management tools and making the case for admission connect or explore its features.

Less Work, More Automation: Upgrading Application Processes

Learn how implementing a versatile data collection platform with Salesforce-connected features reinvigorated Tyndale’s application process, decreasing staff’s time spent on applications by half. For universities using form assembly, this is a great session to attend to leverage its capabilties and reduce your admission staff time.

Reach 105% of Applications with Salesforce Automation

join this session with Louisiana State University for a deep dive into the strategies and automation you need to meet and exceed your application goals and streamline your admittance process. This is a cool session to see how to reach all your applicants leveraging salesforce platform.


Reduce Drag: Turbocharge Higher Ed Marketing with CDP

The most successful institutions put students at the center. For Higher Ed marketers and communicators, that means unifying data and insights to deliver personalized messaging for each student. If you are using marketing cloud, or salesforce and are overwhelmed with multiple prospective student sources for segmentation, this is a great session to attend on leveraging CDP to drive segmentation, integration, and student life cycle for marketing.

Reimagining Engagement with Omni-Channel Personalization

Learn how Teach for America is using real-time, personalized experiences across marketing channels to drive conversion, increase efficiency, and provide a better supporter experience. This will be a good session to attend for learning to engage with your students on multiple channels.

Student Success

1 to 6: One Stop to Repeatable Case Management

Learn how the University of Miami set up its virtual one-stop solution and then extended the solution to support the onboarding of six pilot offices to utilize case management. Watch out for Nina Gomez and Florence Parodi fun interactive session which will provide you with a lot of insights on increasing student success with fun!!

Choose Your Adventure: Connecting Handshake with Salesforce

Handshake’s data integration with Salesforce is the #1 ask by career services leaders and departments that use Salesforce and Handshake. Two colleagues will present their solutions to this challenge. Watch out for Nick Lindberg who is an amazing community contributor with a wealth of knowledge who will make this session a worthwhile experience for you to learn.

Education Keynote: Wow Your Students for Lifelong Success

The time to build for the future of education is now. Join us to learn how to create personalized student experiences and enable lifelong relationships using CDP and Student 360. If you want to see how other institutions are leveraging salesforce and also see the vision of the future, make sure you attend the keynote.

What’s New in Salesforce for Education

Discover the latest innovations for learner success. Learn how to enable efficient applicant forms, get started fast with templates for chatbots and Tableau, and improve student support with Slack. This is a must-attend session where you would get a chance to see the roadmap for different educational cloud products.

Sessions to explore your mind.

Power Your Digital Campus with Slack

From onboarding and class collaboration to connecting students to services faster, see how Slack can power your Digital Campus from anywhere. Join us for an engaging session on Slack for Education. With the acquisition of slack from salesforce, this will be an exciting session to see how to leverage slack for different usecases and drive student engagement.

How We Reimagined Our SIS: Two Perspectives

We took two different approaches to the same legacy SIS challenges. Join us to learn how we harnessed the power of the Salesforce Platform to launch our flexible student information systems. This will be a great session for IT folks who work a lot with SIS systems and will have great learning from different schools led by the fantastic leader Kathy Lueckman.

How to Make Your Campus Data Speak

From recruitment and admissions to the office of the president, learn how to unlock strategic insights across the campus with Tableau’s intuitive AI and augmented analytics. If you are leveraging Tableau in other departments and looking for usecases and possibilities, this will be a great session.

We are also hosting a dreamforce watch party as well. . If your team members want to see the keynote in Philly with other salesforce folks, feel free to send them to our office which will help them learn best practices, and have fun with food and drinks. They can register here.https://www.eigenx.com/events/2022/9/21/dreamforce-watch-party-and-networking-event-sponsored-by-salesforce-and-eigen-x

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