Energize And Engage: Leveraging Collaboration To Skyrocket Salesforce Adoption Campus-Wide

If you are a higher education user using Salesforce CRM planning or attending the Salesforce world tour at Boston, here is a great session which you should bookmark and plan to attend.

This session talks about how at Dartmouth, they are using our deep organic adoption to socialize and move the institution forward towards an institutional CRM through Salesforce. This will be a great session for IT leaders and CRM leaders in Higher education to learn on how to leverage an engagement platform like Slack to demonstrate value and build the case for future Salesforce products like Education cloud. If you are a Higher education architect, leader looking for best practices on increasing adoption, trying to expand Salesforce across the campus, this session will offer great insights for you to take back to your institution. The speaker Maureen  Hennigan is a fantasic leader with a specialization on change management, organization roadmaps and will offer great learnings on strategy and tactical steps to maximize your Salesforce ROI. 

If you have any follow up questions on the session, you are welcome to email me at buyan@eigenx.com and I am happy to share insights.

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Maureen Hennigan

Author: Maureen Hennigan

Maureen Hennigan is an Information Technology executive with 30 plus years of experience starting in IT support and moving through server administration, training and team development, software development, solution implementation, and leadership. As a consultant in New York City, she worked with clients across various industries including banking, law, entertainment, and sports. More recently Maureen’s experience has expanded to leadership in K12 and Higher Education. Her background has given her the breadth of knowledge needed to adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape. She provides the strategic leadership to move teams into new technologies and new ways of working to meet the needs and imagine the future of the clients, organizations, and institutions she has worked for.

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