Dreamforce 2016 Sessions Series – Troubleshooting User access Issues.

As a Salesforce MVP and attending the latest dreamforce 2016, I have decided to write a dreamforce sessions series which would help salesforce admins who attended and did not attend  dreamforce to learn more about salesforce , prevent problems and make their life easy. I would also be sharing the session content for you to download and my key takeaways for the session.

Troubleshoot User Access Problems the Salesforce Way

This was a great session done by 2 great people working for Salesforce   Jordan Mangini and Belinda Wong. If you are troubleshooting your user problems like buttons not visible, features not able to access, data not visible , this session is a must listen. Here is my key takeaways on reviewing the session.

  1. To troubleshoot the user access problem , follow this approach. Define the problem–>Identify  the element–>Check Access–> Isolate and Iterate–> Verify.


  1. When you talk to the user who has the problem, follow the 3 pronged question.
    1. Who is the user who has the problem?  E.g John Smith
    2. What specifically can he not see or do? Cannot see the button or data
    3. Why can he not access the data? Try to find out what he was able to do before and now what he cannot do now so that you have a baseline to start with.
  2. Try to limit your users to one unique user per profile and do not duplicate users across multiple profiles.


  1. Use permission sets to share permissions across roles or groups.
  2. Free apps  you can use to fix issues.

a. Grey tab Chrome Extension – This extension is a free chrome plugin which would show all the fields on an object with data, display the session id and org id for quick debugging. You can use this to find fields not visible on the page layout. Please click here to download and install it..

b.  To compare profiles and permissions, the below  free app will help you to trouble shoot quickly rather than painfully going through each field.


c. The below app helps in identifying changes done by users over a time frame and also filter by specific user.


Overall, this is a great session for salesforce admins to listen to in your free time and also helps to troubleshoot user access issues quickly. If you want to download the deck for this presentation, please click here to download the slides. If you have further questions, please feel free to email me at buyan@eigenx.com for further questions.




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