Spring 14 Features at a glance which offer Business value, Saves Time and Data Insight.

Here is a quick feature list for Spring 14 to watch out for which would solve some problems and offer more value.

1. Data Insight

a. Grouping within reports is now possible which would allow to summarize data and provide more insight to executives than playing with excel.

b. Floating headers would allow reports to retain the headers even if the report has to be scrolled across multiple pages like a matrix report. This would help to visualize the column better.

c.  Dashboards can now display values in decimals and percentages.

d. Analytics api is now available which would allow your external applications to run the reports from your legacy application directly than logging into salesforce.

Save Time

a. Reports can now be exported to excel without footer information which would prevent manipulating files after the report is done.

b. Deployment monitor is a new console which would display the status of deployment and would display deployed files, files to be completed than the spinning wheel. This would help to predict deployment time and notify your users on deployment.

c.  Admins can hide unwanted report types to be displayed to users with configuration. This would avoid unwanted issues and time spent on report types which does not add any value.

d. Users can now have the option to save there login user id on their browsers preventing unnecessary entry of user ids.

Business Value

a. File storage space has been increased now for all editions allowing to store more data in Salesforce.

b. New order object has been created to store order information in salesforce which can be used to synchronize with your order processing system.

c. Field history data retention pilot feature is launched by salesforce and can now be used by organization to set policies for deleting historical data saving space and money.

Developer Value

a. Developers can now use shortcut keys like CTRL+F on the developer console saving key strokes like their IDE.

b.  Refresh test code coverage now available on Developer console reducing unnecessary navigation.

This is a starting point on a series of articles on Spring 14 offering more insight on features which would help to save time, offer more business value. I would appreciate if you click like on this post and feel free to email me at buyan@sforcemaximizer.com for further questions.

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