My 2 dreamforce sessions for Higher Ed to quickly migrate data to HEDA and manage external relationship

I am very happy to present 2 dreamforce sessions  this year which are focused on my favorite Higher Education Salesforce users. I have been immensely passionate about HEDA which Salesforce introduced 2 years ago which has caught the attention of  a lot of Higher Ed institutions who are thinking or planning to migrate to HEDA.  The below 2 links are my sessions and a small preview of what you can expect on the sessions. 😐

How NPOs and Higher Eds Leverage Excel to Build Miracles with Salesforce

This is a great session on one of our solution offering called HEDA Excelorator using Apttus X-Author product.  By attending this session, you would be able to learn the following

  • Tips on how to migrate your student data to HEDA and the sequence of steps.
  • Things to consider to avoid data problems after loading.
  • Tips to consider if you plan to migrate your existing org to HEDA

One of the challenges with HEDA is where to start and what kind of data do i need to export from my SIS systems like Banner, Hobsons etc. I have tailored this session to help the folks understand the impacts and avoid major problems.  A shameless plug !! Our solution using XAuthor Apttus product will help to manage student and course data with excel and update in Salesforce.


Making the Most of Your External Partnerships in Higher Ed

This session is with Leehigh university. I would be presenting along with them on how Leehigh is leveraging  HEDA to manage external partners like corporate, government and non profit relationship and measure the effectiveness of their relationship with metrics. By attending this session, you would be able to take away the following

  • Use HEDA to effectively  manage relationships.
  • Measure relationship effectiveness and generate reports and dashboards.
  • Strategy to manage financial and non-financial opportunities in Salesforce.

I am very happy to do 2 presentations this time at Dreamforce and might also do a marketing cloud presentation as well. Please feel free to post your questions or email me at for further questions. Looking forward to meeting you guys in person at Dreamforce!! 🙂

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Author: buyan47

Hi there! My name is Buyan Thyagarajan. I am a Salesforce consultant specializing in Higher Education, Manufacturing and Marketing Automation. My blogs will help you to maximize your Salesforce CRM investments, prevent problems beforehand and make the right decisions. If you need to talk to me right away, you can email me at or call me at 302-438-4097

2 thoughts on “My 2 dreamforce sessions for Higher Ed to quickly migrate data to HEDA and manage external relationship

  1. Hi Buyan,

    Great articles. Thanks

    I have a doubt regarding HEDA. I read and tested that the account name of a contact is automatically set. How this works with Leads conversion? How can we ensure that all converted leads follow that patent? as easy as a workflow? or should I have other concerns?
    Also, what do you think on managing Programs as Products and Opportunities to link that Product to manage the student bills?
    An opportunity in this case is the possibility to engage a student with a master or degree once he show interest.
    The idea here is that Leads will enter the future product via a picklist and once the lead has been reviewed, convert the Lead to automatically create the related opportunity with that product / program. The opp we will have the owner in charge to close the sales deal and the coordinator in charge of the course/ student data.

    1. Hi Oscar,
      Thanks for your reply. To answer your question on programs as products, it will work as programs or courses is what colleges and universities sell at the end of the day. However, you want to be careful using standard product object because it has price books which are related to prices and it becomes cumbersome to manage the course fees using price books. Price books work in a retail setting and not for courses or programs which have different fee structures. In that case, you might want to consider a custom object called program or course which can fit your model.
      I will recommend HEDA which has all the objects for you . Could you please email me your contact information at where i can setup a time to share best practices?

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