Spring 20 features for Manufacturing which would help your sales, service ,marketing and IT do more, save time and more capability.

If you are in Manufacturing ed using salesforce, my post here would help your sales, service , marketing and IT teams do more , save time and increase capability

Sales and Service

Assign Tasks to a Queue to Share Work Efficiently

Let sales reps share their workload by setting up queues for tasks. Reps can assign tasks to their shared queues, and then individuals can take ownership of those tasks from the queue’s list view.

  For Manufacturers  that have a lot of accounts with limited inside sales reps,  you  can assign tasks to a queue, those tasks are available to members of the queue, which means everyone can pitch in to help. No more relying on one sales rep to do it all. Now others on the team can lend a hand without waiting for work to be delegated or reassigned.


Customize search results for sales, service, marketing, with Profile-Specific Search Results Layouts (Beta)

Search results should show what matters most. If you’re in sales, email, phone number, account name and last activity is critical .  If you’re in sevice, case status, sla, priority and contact name  is key information. For marketing, campaign status, lead sources are important. 
With profile-specific layouts, you can fine-tune search results layouts for an object for each unique profile in your org. Profile-specific layouts are supported only by objects with customizable layouts. Users who don’t have a profile-specific layout assigned to them see the default search results layout.

Clone Campaigns Along with Their Related Records

The Clone with Related action makes it simple to create recurring campaigns. For marketing teams, now you can easily clone campaigns and campaign members easily and generate your campaigns easily.
Marketing Cloud

You can now quickly create a new  User  with a simple Quick Flow

  • Single guided workflow
  • Accessible from Setup Home page
  • Tenable User in 3 steps

Reduce support cases and confusion when creating a new Marketing Cloud user with a guided single workflow.

Self-Service for Multi-User and IP Whitelisting Configuration 

Self-service for adding up to three FTP users per MID. Self-service for restricting access to whitelisted IP addresses for each user.

Until now, customers could not add more than one FTP users or restrict access to whitelisted IP addresses through self-service configuration. Customers had to open a support case with Salesforce to request adding new users and restricting access to whitelisted IP addresses.

  • Salesforce logo will no longer be used by default for:
    • HTML Footer
    • Profile Pages
    • Subscription / Unsubscribe Pages

This was a pain point for the first time setup which had to be done by calling salesforce support.

 Deployment Manager
Deployment manager is a tool which should be widely used in marketing cloud deployments between sandboxes and business units to production. With Spring 20, here are the top featuers.
  • Support for Contact Model Attribute Groups
  • Import/export data model schema and relationships
  • Append net new attribute sets to existing attribute sets
  • Recreate the schema of Automations
  • Automatically configure:

■SQL Queries■FTP ■Imports ■Extracts■Validations

Prevent Problems

Classic Content End-of-Life and End-of-Support

  • Classic content email creating will be disabled June 2020
  • Classic content email editing will be disabled January 2021

More capability

    • Einstein Copy Insights
      • Subject-line analytics and optimization
      • Einstein Copy Insights Dashboard:
        • Collects language-related insights derived from email subject line data to help optimize open rate
        • Includes analytics like high-performing and most-used subject lines and phrases
        • Identifies language related features like punctuation, tone, and other aspects, and assesses their impact on open rate
      • Geared toward customers who have variations in subject lines, is limited to English for now, and does not extract fully dynamic subject lines
    • Einstein Messaging Insights
      • Proactive monitoring of email sends and performance using engagement data
      • Assesses daily Open/Click/Unsub rates to indicate when the fall outside of predicted boundaries
      • Notification ‘widget’
      • Automatically enabled for all customers
    • Einstein Send Time Optimization Enhancements
      • Custom STO send window and configurable option for ’unmodeled’ contacts

With latest release in Einstein featuures, If you are using marketing cloud, you should be leveraging Einstein to monitor your email insights.

Reseller and Distributer Portals

Digital Engagement: Messaging for WhatsApp

If you have international partners like resellers and distributer, you can now on their preferred channels, like WhatsApp. Offer on-brand answers to common customer questions. Enhance and automate these experiences with Einstein Bots.

This would be a huge boost for international partners and help drive your engagements and sales funnel. Please click here to learn more on this.

Community Cloud Integration with 3rd Party Web Analytics

Integrate third-party analytics like Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager, Tealium iQ Tag Management, or any enterprise-leading web analytics to the experiences you build on Community Cloud.

Salesforce CMS Enhancements

Create content and surface it throughout Salesforce. Add content to service portals on Community Cloud, landing pages in B2C Commerce, emails sent via Marketing Cloud, and much more.


Merge up to three duplicate cases just like you do with duplicate accounts and contacts. Get rid of case clutter and focus on what’s important for your business: your customers.

Salesforce Admins

Lightning Flow: System Mode

Enable edit access to user records that have been shared, but don’t have object-level or field-level access. Achieve this declaratively by setting your flows to run in system mode.

This feature should be used with caution as it will overwrite all your user permissions.

Lightning Flow: Before-Save Updates

Leverage Before-Save Updates with autolaunched flows to automatically and rapidly update a triggering record and eliminate the need for looping and recursion.

This is the gem of all features. You do not need a trigger and can easily pre populate your opportunity, case record with data with point and click.  😛

In-App Guidance Enhancements

Admins now have more flexibility over who sees prompts with the addition of Profiles in Prompt authoring. Admins can also fully translate prompts, author a video in docked prompts, and have full control of prompt delays. There are also enhancements to the Setup page including search and and updated UI for floating prompts.

This is a feature which must be leveraged to increase adoption.


Lightning Web Components: Local Development

Accelerate Lightning Web Component development when you render components on your local machine. Build and test new components and see changes without needing to push them to your org.

This will be a huge boost for developers who plan to build code using lightning web components and save time saving to server every time.

Trailhead GO

Learn in-demand skills and earn resume-worthy credentials anytime and anywhere with the new Trailhead iOS app.


Showcase your skills, expertise, and experience across Trailhead, Trailblazer Community, IdeaExchange, AppExchange, and more with your new unified profile.

If you have multiple profiles, now all your trailhead profiles are merged into one.

To summarize, If I have to point to 3 major features for Manufacturing, I would recommend the following.

  1. Assingment of tasks to ques which would help a group of inside sales rep and support folks to share tasks.
  2. Case merging for service
  3. Use flows now to pre populate records with point and click for admins.
  4. Opportunity scoring now available for free with Einstein.

As always feel free to post your comments and email me at buyan@eigenx.com for further questions.


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