My Session on Top 5 new things you can write in your Agile stories which will make your developers jump with joy(Really!!) on Custom development in Salesforce

If you are an admin or business analyst working in Scrum teams, you always struggle with stories getting delayed on custom development, too many questions asked by development teams and sometimes we wonder whether we even understand what developers are looking for?

Well, my session with Salesforce Business Analyst Summit on 10/8 will help you to answer the above questions and provide you with the following

  1. 5W framework which you can walk away with and immediately apply to your stories.
  2. Effective communication tips that you can use with your development team and make your meetings more effective.
  3. A checklist Toolkit you can use to validate your stories before you turn it over to development teams.

I would highly recommend the Business Analyst Summit for admins, developers, and CRM leaders to attend which will provide you great tips, inspiration, and help you build your career. This online summit is for a week and is totally free for you to attend. So please click here to register right away and you can also bookmark sessions and get the presentations in your time as well.

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Author: buyan47

Hi there! My name is Buyan Thyagarajan. I am a Salesforce consultant specializing in Higher Education, Manufacturing and Marketing Automation. My blogs will help you to maximize your Salesforce CRM investments, prevent problems beforehand and make the right decisions. If you need to talk to me right away, you can email me at or call me at 302-438-4097

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  1. Hi Buyan I saw your post in LinkedIn which lead to this article highlighting an amazing Salesforce Business Analyst that appears to have been scheduled for Oct 2020 but is now accepting registrations for Apr 2021. I didn’t realize the date discrepancy until signing-up and a have in-fact received my confirmation however don’t see you on the list of speakers but will look forward either in your blog or at the summit to learning the 5 new things you can write in your user stories.

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