3 New features for free Manufacturers should use right away which will make your Sales and Service team jump with Joy in Winter 21

If you are a manufacturer using Salesforce, one of the heavily cluttered pages is your samples, inquiry, and custom objects pages. All these custom objects have a lot of fields, record types, page layouts, fields from your Erp systems like SAP. If you are a sales or service user just to see their fields is a lot of clicking and scrolling and waiting for the magic page to load !! 😒 Too Frustrating isn’t it.

Dynamic forms and Actions to your rescue!!- Show fields based on relevance, profile, and add more buttons on your highlights panel with point and click actions!! 🤣

So what can you do as an Admin about your existing page layouts? Make sure you run the upgrade Dynamic forms wizard which will show your long scrolling detail page with good old sections with the accordion component. Knowing what you can do, you can redo the page with sections with fields and save more spaces. How about displaying only certain fields based on status or custom fields of your choice using a component filter. Also, you can cut down your ever scrolling edit page with hiding and show fields based on criteria?!!😉

Make your highlights panel pop with Dynamic actions on your Account pages!!

As an admin, how frustrating it is to tell all your users on actions on your accounts like send to SAP that they have to click on pulldowns to see it. How about the dreaded pull-down menus on the account pages? Now with dynamic actions, you can put buttons on the highlights panel(space underutilized) with point and click actions and have users do it right away on top. Also, you can hide and show these actions based on your resellers, partners, and customers using point and click actions. 😊

Show your deal changes quickly to your Sales teams right away!!

Deal Change helps sales teams prioritize their work by highlighting changes in deal size and close date. Sales managers and sales reps will be able to quickly see changes on the deal amount and date fields This is a great insight that will help reps and managers take actions and see trends within a deal. Please note that this is only available on Ultimate Edition only!! 😁

To summarize, here are 3 things you can do right away with your winter 21 release.

  • Run the dynamic form wizard on your custom object pages and rebuild your lightning detail page with sections.
  • Move your cluttered actions on accounts to buttons on the highlights panel
  • Enable your opportunity list views with deal changes if you have Ultimate edition.

Feel free to post your comments or email me at buyan@eigenx.com for further questions.

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