Spring 19 new features for Higher Ed (Lightning) which would help you do more, save time and generate more insight

If you are in higher education and using Lightning here are some features which would help you to do more with your current org, save time and generate more insights for your users.


Jump Right into Your Most Important List View with Pinned Lists

Do you have a go-to list view that you want to load as your default list? Now you can. With pinned lists, your admission team can directly go to the prospective student list view of their choice making them do their job quick in the morning.

Print a Record Page

Print key details and related lists from a record page in Lightning Experience, just as in Salesforce Classic. Specify record details visibility on the printable page and print the page from the browser. This feature is available for all users, for Account, Campaign, Case, Contact, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, Order, and custom objects.
How to leverage this: This would help you to print the details of a student record for a quick view.

Create Personalized Appointments with Lightning Scheduler

Delight your students and prospects by scheduling appointments with the right person at the right time and place. Use Lightning Scheduler to quickly set up appointments within standard Salesforce workflows, such as leads and referrals, opportunities, and accounts. And with greater visibility into appointments, you can assign resources more efficiently and better address customer needs.

Why: Here are some of the things you can do with Lightning Scheduler.

  • Create records that represent your employees, and add details about their skills, locations, and availability.

  • Define office locations and operating hours.

  • Create appointment topics, such as campus visits, event locations.

  • Search for employees with the right skills for an appointment, including certifications and areas of expertise.

  • Schedule customer appointments, and add details about required attendees.

Organize Email Templates with Folders and Nesting

You and your sales reps can now organize email templates into more folders than just Private and Public. And nesting folders makes it easier to organize and find email templates.

Check Tasks Off Your List with a Click

Closing tasks isn’t a burdensome task anymore. Instead of scrolling through the Status dropdown list, sales reps can mark tasks complete with one click.
How to leverage this feature: This would help your admission folks to use tasks more effectively.

Score Prospects on Engagement Activity

Your prospects generate a lot of data, but it’s hard to know what to do with it. Einstein analyzes your Pardot prospects’ activities to aggregate and grade their engagement, so you can focus on the people who mean the most to your business. Place the Einstein Scoring component on your prospect records to see granular, meaningful insights.
This change applies to Lightning Experience and is included with Pardot Advanced.
  1. Flow builder
    1. Process builder templates and flow would be used by isv on automate flows.
    2. simple components like get records replacing fast lookup vs single record.
    3. instead of sobject it will be records in flow
    4. Check out flow solutions on app exchange for free flow components.
    5. prevent problem- get used to the new flow and flow designer will be shut down
    6. only reason to go to flow designer is to enable rich text editor which will be built later.
    7. use record collection variable with sobject variable.
  2. Einstein next best action
    1. It works on recommendation which is the object. It will be based on custom fields.
    2. It can be tied to a flow and built on the flow builder.
    3. Can be used to send a birthday card to the customer.
    4. it will help to show the rep the right business process at the right time.
    5. This can work in classic or lightning.
    6. You can build strategies and will be evaluated on the page refreshes.
  3. Live agent bots
    1. It works now with sms messenger and facebook.
    2. It will show how the model is working and can allow the admin to train the bots in different texts.
    3. admin should train the bot every 2 weeks.
  4. admin features
    1. web components are in GA.
    2. lightning experience transition toolkit
  5. Lightning features.
    1. productivity
      1. app based home page.
      2. where is this used button.
      3. big objects in setup
      4. pinned list views for each view which can be configured by user.
      5. change owner for all leads
      6. split view for tasks. give the list view of tasks on left pane and show task details on right.
      7. one click to complete the task.
      8. when sending email, you can now choose folder and send email templates.
      9. email templates have sub folders and sharing features.
        1. you can share it with users.
      10. Lightning for gmail
        1. new chrome extension called salefsorce
        2. can embed an email template in your gmail.
        3. log event and tasks on gmail.
        4. This also works on outlook.
      11. you can custom home page for app and profile level like sales, service and project managers.
      12. edit pages on the record pages instead of just home page only.
      13. where is this used- does not show reports and dashboards for now.
    2. reports
      1.  12 column component dashboard only lightning
key productivity feature
  1. send email template on outlook
  2. use splitview for tasks.
  3. use console apps.

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