How to plan your sessions for Salesforce connections 2022 as a Marketer and get the best out of it.

If you are a marketer planning to attend the Salesforce connections event in June 2022, there is growing stress of so many sessions, travel, schedule conflicts, parties, and meeting people that might drive you insane. As a marketing leader, the challenge is identifying the right sessions and ensuring you or your team attends them. Based on my experience of attending more than 5 connections events, here are some key sessions you want to bookmark and attend during your visit.

Watch out for the future Sessions

The Disruption of Web3

Salesforce Description: Web3 has the potential for profound change, but what is the business case and why should marketers care? Join us and learn why Web3 is a key priority for a customer-centric business.

With the evolution of VR, Meta, and future Web3 technologies, it is important to learn how these trends will impact you as a marketer and you can prepare your organization for it.

Prepare for the Future with Google Analytics 4

Salesforce Description: Google announced the sunsetting of their Universal Analytics, directing attention to GA4. Join us as we discuss what this means for customers and the future of marketing analytics.

Big changes are coming to Google Analytics with GA4. Learn about them at this session and how it will impact you and your customers.

Top Data and Analytics Trends for the Digital-First Marketer

Salesforce Description: Gain insights into the role of data in marketing-led growth and customer experiences and learn how marketers are navigating data, analytics, and privacy in the digital-first era.

As a marketer, data, analytics, and privacy are the top 3 factors that will govern your campaigns, operations and strategy. The above session will provide great insights to walk away with strategies.

Run my Marketing Operations

Pushing the Boundaries of Attribution

Salesforce Description: Take the guesswork out of attribution. This session will cover the fundamentals, attribution models and why they matter insights they provide, and a start-to-finish demo.

Attribution and marketing segmentation is the most time-consuming activities in Marketing. This session will provide you with more pointers on leveraging Salesforce solutions to build better attribution models.

Creating a Data Strategy to Maximize Marketing Outcomes

Salesforce Description: Data helps marketers create personalized, trusted customer experiences and drive greater ROI. Learn how to effectively harness cross-channel data to drive outcomes across the entire customer journey

The above session is a must-attend for your marketing team. If you have an IT person attending along with you, you should have them attend this along with you.

The Marketing Roadmap to Wow Your Customers

Join us for this main event for marketers. Learn how to make the wow moments that build trust and loyalty in this close-up on Marketing Cloud’s latest product innovations and inspiring Trailblazers.

If I have to bookmark one session that you should not miss and will never be telecast, it is the roadmap session. So please make sure you or your team attends this at any cost. Also, watch out for a big line for attendance as well.

Transform Your Marketing with AI

Wondering how to use artificial intelligence in your marketing? From predictive lead scoring to attribution, we will share the most common AI use cases that you can take advantage of today.

My Session at Connections

Best Practices for Implementing Order Management Solutions

Learn how manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can best prepare for the implementation of B2B Commerce and OMS for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C, and walk away with a readiness kit to set you up for success.

If you are planning for implementing B2B commerce or Order Management in your organization, my session above will help you with the following.

  1. Best practices for planning for a B2B commerce implementation.
  2. Effective tips on leveraging B2B commerce for marketing
  3. Learn how to leverage the new Order management solution and integrate it with your channels like Amazon and Ebay.

Our partner Jon Jessup Order management solution will be a great solution for your team to check out if you plan to extend OMS with your channels.

Tips to make the best out of the event

  1. Ensure you have comfortable shoes and carry water with you.
  2. If there are sessions that are conflicting, bookmark them to see them later. You do not have to attend every event.
  3. If you have challenges and want to meet people who have similar challenges, plan to attend circle of success events. These events have a narrow audience, engaging, and will provide you a chance to meet people with similar challenges and solutions. Please click here to add them to your schedule.
  4. Have a plan to meet at least 1 marketing champion or marketer from your industry, and visit the vendor booth for the latest products and solutions.

As always you are welcome to email me at for further questions. If you would like to book a time with me, you can book a time using my calendly link here.

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