What is Datorama and why should marketers care about it?

For any organization, Marketing team can be spread across divisions such as Display Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Content Marketing, etc., Because of the diverse channel set and many different sources, it is hard to achieve transparency and speed in the data and we often end up spending most of the time performing data preparation and cleansing.


Marketing data is distinct from other lines of business in the organization in three ways:

  • It is highly siloed across channels, customer journey stages, regions, and partners 
  • It is messy due to many different formats and naming conventions  
  • It is changing with new channels, platforms, and metrics being introduced constantly

The challenge is that each of these channels data adds up to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of analytics data streams when scaled across business units, product lines, and regions. 

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2020): ~8,000 martech solutions.

Without centralizing this siloed data, visibility will remain in an incomplete and ad hoc state. In this fast-paced environment of marketing data and analytics, organizations should move from a reporting-focused model of marketing performance management to a proactive, real-time and insight-based model of marketing performance optimization.

Datorama gives marketers the ability to integrate the myriad technologies, used in today’s marketing and consumer engagement ecosystem, to form a single source of truth for more efficient reporting, better decision making, and total control over their marketing performance and impact. 

A customer can use Datorama to integrate and harmonize multiple sources including paid, owned and earned media, email, data plan activation data, sales, and revenue. With clear views of performance, sales, and revenue outputs, everyone from the CMO through campaign managers can identify the issues early on, respond quickly to new budget opportunities, optimize for growth or a greater call for efficiency. 

Here are a few features and tools of Datorama:

Datorama – Harmonization Center

Harmonization Center is a suite of tools built for managing the classification and validation of marketing data. It includes Data Classification and Naming Convention Patterns, as well as a landing page which visualizes and consolidates the management of client’s data preparation. By using Harmonization Center, clients can easily validate, enrich, and unify their data for more accurate and consistent insights throughout the Datorama platform.

Datorama – Data Canvas

Datorama’s Data Canvas lets marketers build branded dashboards quickly and easily with intuitive drag and drop tools that require no code. Charts and tools can be created from Datorama’s massive pre-built library of widgets (charts, tables, maps, funnels and more), or can be created using custom code. Interactive tools enable users to explore their data in real-time without having to create new dashboards from scratch. New data widgets and views can be instantly added on the fly as well to answer new business questions.

Datorama – Marketplace

The Datorama Marketplace helps effortlessly expand marketing intelligence with ready-to-install apps from a constantly growing ecosystem of approved partners and other marketers. 

Einstein Marketing Insights

EMI is an AI assistant that scans all of the data in the Datorama Workspace and quickly uncovers hidden value and optimization opportunities in the cross-channel marketing data. 

EMI helps not only answer questions like– Why and What but also helps in identifying the key causes for changes over time periods. 

 Datorama Integration Engine:

The combination of APIConnect, TotalConnect, and LiteConnect, gives marketers complete control over their data, with the flexibility to keep adding data layers to their analysis.96% of marketers today believe the marketing function has a critical role to play in driving ROI and growth for the business and on average individual marketers use 13 different marketing and advertising platforms. With the convergence of technology, data, and growth, the way marketers integrate, manage, analyze, and optimize their data has become a critical component in how they approach growth across their organization.

Datorama helps in consolidating data across the robust marketing ecosystem and to compare the success of efforts across a multitude of marketing channels. Data can be centralized across siloed environments and can be visualized to uncover actionable insights and easily share them across the organization. Datorama enables marketers to showcase the value of their marketing activity by creating dashboards catered to different needs within an organization. 

Skills your team would need to implement Datorama

Project Manager & Delivery Certification: The Project Manager should have previous experience and understand BI & digital Marketing.

Solution Architect Certification: The Solution Architect should have a technical background as well as client facing skills.

Certification Process: 

  1. Solution Architect:
    1. 40-60 hours online training
    2. 4 day onsite bootcamp + 6 week virtual project simulation
    3. Solution Architect Certified
  2. Project Manager:
    1. Must complete one online training module and 2 optional
    2. Watch recorded webinars and submit deliverables for grading
    3. PM & Delivery Certified

To summarize, here are the 3 key takeaways for Marketers who are considering Datorama.

ROI: Customers know what’s working and what’s not in order to put 25% of their marketing budget back to work

Speed: Customers eliminate manual data preparation processes to gain 80+% of their time back for insights/optimization.

Growth: Customers can hold every dollar accountable to business goals.

I am grateful to Marketing cloud champion Jyothsna on spending her time and creating this blog on my site. Feel free to post your comments below or reach out to Jyothsna on her profile below or email me for any further questions.


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Jyothsna Bitra

Author: Jyothsna Bitra

Jyothsna Bitra (JB) is a 15x certified Application Architect with a specialization in Marketing Cloud. She has been named a Marketing Champion / Ex. Lightning Champion also leads the Phoenix, AZ B2C Marketers User Group. She is passionate about giving back to the community and actively involved in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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