3 Tremendous goals to really complete this year for Geeky admins to become Salesforce Architect within your company

If you are a Salesforce admin working in Salesforce for more than 3 to 5 years in a company, one of the daunting tasks is to set up career goals during the start of a new year. We all love Salesforce and sometimes love to be alone learning the tool and tweaking it to make it work for our businesses. There are some who have taken leadership roles leading teams, working with developers, consultants, and business teams, and trying to think about a strategic role to uplift your career. So what are some easy ways to quickly set up a goal and track your progress before your boss asks you for the dreaded appraisal? 😉

If you are a person who loves working in the weeds, solving problems and love learning new products and skills, you want to think about being the internal Salesforce architect for your company. Now you might have an architect or an external consultant and might think that might be the path for you in say 3 to 5 years. So How do you grow yourself to be in that position? 😜

Think about the following skills and goals which will lead you to an architect/Consultant career.

  1. Certification Goal to expand to other departments
    1. Pick 3 Salesforce products that are used currently like sales, service, marketing automation(pardot or marketing cloud) and aim to get certified as a consultant.
    2. If your organization uses an app heavily like CPQ, Financial management apps like financial force, you can aim for becoming certified on it.
  2. Business Knowledge/domain Goal
    1. One of the core knowledge areas which will help your architect skills is domain knowledge. Invest time learning your core app for business operations. This might be ERP like SAP, Bann if you are in manufacturing, SIS systems like banner, people soft, colleague, etc.
    2. If you have projects in your organization with integration, volunteering your services as a salesforce domain expert will automatically give you an opportunity to learn the core system.
    3. If you have teams working on business processes like six sigma, lean, or any methodologies, volunteer your time with them to offer insights on how your salesforce team works and see if you can create a process template for one of the key processes.
  3. Relationship Goal
    1. This is an area that is natural to some admins and some it is not like an introvert like me. Identify 3 key people per quarter with whom you want to have a conversation. If you are unsure about where to start, here are some thoughts.
      1. Pick 1 person from a team which does complementary work with salesforce like workday team, marketing team, financial service team and plan to have a meeting with them.
      2. Pick 1 person from sales, service, or marketing operation and try to find out their challenges, goals, and see how you can help them.
      3. Pick 1 person external to your company like your partner, salesforce app consultant, a peer in another company, and find out what they are working on.

So to keep your goals simple for year 2021, here are 3 simple goals which you can start.

  1. Certification goal to increase your skills focused on a Salesforce product or app which will help you to expand to other departments.
  2. Business domain goal focused on learning 1 or 2 key business process on how your business operates
  3. Relationship goal which will help you to increase your network internally and externally.

As always feel free to email me at buyan@eigenx.com or post your comments below and I would be glad to answer them for you.

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