How to prevent duplicate company information proactively using Salesforce

If you are a higher ed institution working with organizations and students, one of the common challenges is keeping your org clean of duplicates. With continuous education and workforce departments dealing with company names, it is always a challenge to ensure the right company record is tagged given the different ways of creating company names ending with LLC, INC, and other combinations. It becomes extremely hard if you have events where your registrants enter company names using different variations of the name. So the question is how do you ensure data quality in your org given the different combinations of company names?

Matching company names with the right account record in Salesforce

Leveraging Apsona matching capability, we are able to match a CSV file of company names that we have extracted from external systems. Once we have the CSV file with the matched account ids, we can leverage the import feature of Apsona. For the companies where a match was not found, Apsona’s import functionality can be used to import those records into Salesforce. This same feature can be used to upsert details from the matched companies. This is a great value add as this helps in proactively identifying duplicates and ensures the right company names are populated with company IDs. See here for detailed information from Apsona in how to do this.

Proactively deduping company names

Duplicates within your Salesforce org are bound to happen. This is where Apsona’s duplicate management solution can help. If you look at the above screenshot, you can create different dedupe logic to flag potential duplicates for merging. While using fields such as name and website can be fruitful, it can be beneficial to create cleaned name and domain fields to simplify the values in hopes of flagging more records for review. Additionally, if you are using an external data cloud for company name clean-ups like Dun & Bradstreet or other apps, you should leverage fields provided from those apps in your company name duplicate rules. Leveraging duplicate rules for accounts can be a great way to ensure there is only one account record for a particular company.

So if you are a higher ed institution worried about duplicate companies created in your salesforce org, here are 3 ways to proactively prevent duplicates.

  1. Leverage Apsona match import feature which will scan the CSV file for matching company names and get you the right account id record which can be used for upsert.
  2. Ensure you use multiple duplicate rules to flag potential duplicate companies for merging
  3. If you are using third-party account cleanups apps like Dun & Bradstreet and others, leverage their fields to further enhance your duplicate rules.

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Author: Nick Lindberg

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