Top Higher Ed sessions to bookmark or attend for the higher ed summit 2019

If you are attending the higher ed summit 2019 and looking to bookmark some sessions which you want to attend , I have created a small list which would help you to focus on some key sessions and make the best use of your time. If you are not attending the summit, you can bookmark the sessions and get the slides by posting on the session page on chatter.


Recruit, Engage and Introduce New Revenue with Comprehensive Event Management

This is a great session to understand how to do event management using Cvent. Watch out for Salesforce MVP Kalman Sweetwine and Upenn telling their story and best practices.  Panelists will share use cases, implementation best practices, drivers for these integrations, lessons learned and visions for the future at their respective institutions.

My session with Rutgers on Best practices for using Einstein for Admission.

Here is my session with Rutgers on best practices for Integration and using Einstein for Admission. This would be a great session for folks who are in the integration journey with a great presentation from Rutgers Business Intelligence Architect  Danielle Henriquez and thinking of where to start with Einstein for Admissions. I also have a Readiness Toolkit which I would be happy to share after the session which would help you measure your readiness with Einstein.

Marketing Strategy

Advancing Digital Fundraising for Higher Ed One Relationship at a Time

In this session, you will learn on how to move from an emotion-based engagement model and to  leverage emotion, value, and relevance to increase engagement. Jamie Manning from Boston college has done an amazing job on this and I will highly recommend any marketer who is looking for content strategies to attend this event.


Leveraging Pardot with HEDA to Support the Online Prospect Lifecycle

A great story from our client University of New England Michelle Littlefield and team on how they use Pardot to manage online applications and RFI forms for for lifecycle marketing and lead generation for 20+ fully-online programs.

Marketing Cloud

The Magic Button

Let any User in Salesforce send mass emails from Marketing Cloud *without having to train them on Marketing Cloud*. With some custom development (and a little magic), users at Indiana University are able to create data extensions in Marketing Cloud directly from the Campaign page layout.

Give ’em What They Want: How Miami Won Students’ Hearts with Marketing Cloud

Are you trying to make a difference in how your institution is communicating with students? Have you encountered problems in organizing and consolidating your institutions’ communications? This session would provide you the answers for it.

Key Speaker Sessions

Tactile Marketing Automation: Touchy-Feely Doesn’t Have to be Manual Anymore

This is a great session from the Great Kathleen Lueckeman where she is presenting on how to manage manual activities on direct mail in salesforce  . You will also see how drag-and-drop tools integrate direct mail into your drip campaigns and journeys to automate what has, traditionally, been manual tasks.

5 Free Powertools for the Awesome Higher Ed Admin!

Here is a great session from Salesforce MVP and my friend Corey Snow where you would discover free tools, tips, and tricks from the community in action to transform the way you work everyday.

Governance, Adoption, and ROI, OH MY!

Are you having trouble gaining traction with a Salesforce rollout within your organization? Are you struggling with project sponsorship, user adoption or limited support resources? Are you having a hard time quantifying the return on investment (ROI) of your implementation?  Here is a great session from Salesforce MVP  Joanna Iturbe and her team talking about leveraging Governance to increase user adoption. Her talk on Snackforce is a must watch!!

Einstein Analytics

(E)instein = (m)anaging (C)onversions and (C)hange in Enrollment Mgmt (E=mC2)

New England College (NH) and Taylor University (IN) have successfully harnessed the power of Einstein Analytics and Discovery to analyze the enrollment funnel, adapt and change strategies during the admissions cycle, and develop predictive and forecasting models. This is a good session for folks looking to increasing enrollment with less staff using Einstein Discovery.

I will be attending the higher ed summit and would love to share best practices on leveraging predictive analytics for Einstein, marketing cloud and pardot best practices. Please feel free to email me at  for a quick 30 minutes chat where I can meet you onsite with a question or challenge you have and I would be happy to schedule a one on one meeting with you to discuss best practices on it. Also  feel free to attend our happy hour or dinner  by clicking here.

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