How to make your sales, service, marketing, and admin teams happy, do more, and prevent problems with Spring 22 features for Manufacturers.

If you are a Salesforce Admin, CRM leader, Sales Ops leader in Manufacturing, my post below will provide you a quick glimpse of key features in spring 22 that will help you to do more, prevent problems and provide actionable insights to your users.

Manufacturing Cloud

Advanced Account Forecasting – Do More

With the Spring’ 22 release, customers can flexibly develop forecasts with the support for custom fiscal years and also
shape granular forecasts with the weekly forecasting period support. Customers can flexibly group forecast metrics into
display groups. In addition, forecast collaboration can be performed with partners and customers using digital
experience support (community support).

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

With the recent supply chain volatility, it is important to forecast on different time frames on your run rate business. The flexible custom fiscal year will provide you options to forecast based on actual delivery dates of your orders anticipating delays.

Enhanced Revenue and Profitability with Long Term Sales Agreements – Do More

Long-term agreements now support an increased number of schedules support to 72. There is support for a large number of products in a sales agreement (upto 2000 products)

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

With the recent supply chain volatility, there is a possibility of your contracts extending for a longer time due to delay in order shipments. So the new product schedules and add-on product support will help you meet it.

Manufacturing Cloud for Service – New Capability

Automate workflows across departments and silos to connect service teams with all the activities, processes,
and information they need to resolve cases fast. Improve Your Service Forecast with a forecasting framework to capture a holistic view of predicted volumes and demand, including installed base and service consumption. You can elevate the Voice of the Customer by capturing feedback directly from customers at every stage of the relationship to refine your customer experience & product strategies.


Seamlessly confirm, change, or cancel your Salesforce contract renewals. – Proactive Insight
Renewals Management allows you to easily find information and alerts about your Salesforce contracts. Seamlessly confirm, change, or cancel your contract renewals thanks to Your Account Enhancements.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

With the recent supply chain volatility and delay in orders, you can easily manage renewals to your contracts. You can also proactively report on contracts ending soon to your account and sales operation team to act on it immediately which can result in an increase in run-rate business.

Marketing – Pardot

Embed Videos in your email templates and automate emails based on Zoom registrant info.– do more
New Pardot Extensibility Enhancements include Custom Components, which make it easy to leverage third-party assets and information for a seamless and reusable email design experience, and External Activity, data collected in external solutions that can be used in Pardot automation and Engagement Studio programs.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

With the world still opening up in hybrid mode now, a lot of manufacturers are performing webinars and videos to engage with leads than trade shows. Using the extensibility feature of pardot, Marketers can now embed videos from third-party sources on the email template. They can also connect to Zoom and other webinar applications and trigger email based registration information on your favorite webinar tool.

Marketing cloud

Easily capture leads where you want them with Marketing Cloud data extensions or Salesforce Lead ObjectDo More

Microsites Enhancements enable quick lead capture in Marketing Cloud through data extensions. The lead form (released Winter ’22) now supports higher-scale lead submissions, while customers can still capture leads in Salesforce Lead Object.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

Manufacturers who want to market directly to customers or capture their end-user information struggle with creating landing pages and getting the data directly to salesforce. So with the new microsite feature, you can leverage landing pages with rich features. If you are using marketing cloud, you can directly get the lead into marketing cloud and trigger journeys. This will result in increased leads of your end customers which you will not be able to get before.

Create a Daily Log Report for Einstein Content Selection via API

If you track subscriber engagements in another system, such as an analytics tool, now you can use an API to get daily insights into individual subscriber asset selections and clicks.(PLI PLM)

Use Momentum Analytics to Enhance Your Einstein Engagement Scoring Strategy

Learn how your messages resonate with subscribers by analyzing subscriber persona changes over time. To see persona changes over time, you need Einstein Engagement Scoring to actively evaluate subscribers in each business unit for at least 14 days.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

For example, the detailed information that shows population changes over time also shows how it relates to subscriber categories. So let’s say you have a scenario where your total active number of subscribers increased by 10,000 since the last period. You see that your Loyalist category increased by 5,000 and that 70% of your new Loyalists came from your Selective Subscriber bucket.

Use Einstein Send Time Optimization with Automation Studio

Now you can use Einstein Send Time Optimization for your bulk and batch send emails from Automation Studio. This feature sends the emails to your contacts at the best predicted time for each individual to maximize engagement.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

For manufacturers who are struggling with click rates and open rates, you can now let your journeys run with send-time optimization that will help marketing cloud to send emails at the right time to your customers.

Run your business on iPad or Android tabletdo more
New Salesforce Mobile App Enhancements extend the Salesforce mobile app experience to all iPads and most Android
tablet models at no cost. This new feature supports Lightning apps, navigation, and record pages as well as rotation between portrait and landscape modes.

B2B Commerce

Manage Sorting for Search Output – Do More

Use sort rules to manage how your customers can arrange search results. You can use existing sorting rules, create rules from available products and product attributes, and define how rules appear in the customer-facing sorting menu

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

With this great feature, Manufacturers can allow custom sorting of their product catalog to their distributors, customers, and partners to get to the product easily. They can also create custom sort rules to display products based on customer search.

Add Products with Fewer Clicks- Do More

The new Add Product workflow consolidates the setup for a new product all in one screen. You no longer have to create a product and travel to separate windows to add related records, such as a price book

Experience Cloud

Remove Permission Set Licenses with View All, Modify All, Edit, and Delete Object Permissions from Guest Users – Prevent problems

To improve the security of your data, Salesforce is removing permission set licenses that contain View All, Modify All, edit, and delete object permissions and their associated permission sets from guest users. The only object permissions allowed for guest users are read and created. Going forward, you can no longer assign guest users permission sets that are associated with these permission set licenses and contain the restricted permissions. This update was first made available in Spring ’22.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

This update protects the security of your data by preventing guest users from being entitled to object permissions not required for their business needs.

Admin feature

Search faster and smarter With Lightning Usage App Enhancements – Prevent Problems
Admins can view all their slow pages from a single spot and access instructions for how to improve them directly in App Builder.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

Admins who are getting a lot of complaints with slowness from your sales and service team can now debug those pages easily and optimize them for easy loading. One less pain for your users.

View All of an Object’s Record-Triggered Flows with Flow Explorer – Do More

Flow explorer shows an ordered list of all the flows affected by a specific triggering event.

You can also see all the flows executing on an object in one place quickly.

AND Control the Order of Your Triggered Flows

You can apply numeric values to order your triggered flows.

  • Flows with the same trigger (before- or after-save) on the same object with trigger order values from 1 to 1,000 run in ascending
    order (1, 2, 3, and so on). Multiple flows with the same trigger order value run in alphabetical order based on the flows’ API nam
  • Flows without trigger order values run next and in the order of their created dates. Flows in Winter ’22 and before run and continue
    to run in this order, unless you define a trigger order value for them.
  • Flows with trigger order values from 1,001 to 2,000 run next and in ascending order. Any ties are settled using the flows’ API names.

How would this help you as a Manufacturer?

I am sure all the manufacturers tend to create a lot of automation on account, opportunity, product, and price books. By leveraging flow explorer, you can view all the automation in one place and also create an estimate for moving all the workflows to flows for your future projects.

To recap, here are the top 4 value-added features for Manufacturers for Spring 22.

  1. You can leverage contract management features for better managing your run rate business for your renewals now with out of the box renewal management.
  2. For your communities with partners and distributers, you can sleep with a piece of mind on security with removal of view all and modify all permissions by default to guest users who are just visiting the site.
  3. If you have b2b order capability with B2B commerce, you can have better user experience for your customers by providing them more sort options to view your products easily.
  4. For admins, it is flow explorer which will save there time easily to view all automations in one place and get issues resolved quickly.

Feel free to post your comments below or you can email me directly at to discuss further.

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