Winter 20 release for Manufacturing which will make your life easy, do more and prevent problems

If you are in manufacturing and use salesforce, this post provides you winter 20 features which would help you do more, prevent problems and make your life easy.


Customize Opportunity Contact Roles for Better Tracking and Reporting

Opportunity contact role customization options give you the flexibility to track and attribute revenue to roles, titles, and individuals. With custom fields and page layouts, validation rules, and Apex triggers, you can design an Opportunity Contact Role to match your specific sales and reporting processes. You can capture new data, such as titles and roles, to help your sales reps be more efficient in targeting the right contacts.

How would this be beneficial.

A custom opportunity contact role record can also help you target contacts for campaign-based marketing (2). With the new data you capture, such as revenue, product interest, and scoring data (3), you are more effective in identifying the candidates for targeted campaigns.

Triggers can kick off internal actions for sales reps, such as updating information and fields when opportunity contact roles change. With validation rules, you can ensure that sales reps enter required contact roles in their opportunities.

Customize Account Teams to Better Support Team Selling

Team selling involves complex account relationships. Now you can manage those relationships better in Salesforce. Collect more information by adding custom fields, buttons, and links to account team layouts. Use validation rules, Apex triggers, Process Builder, and workflow rules with account teams to help keep data clean and minimize manual data entry. You can now report on account teams, too.

Report on account teams using the UserId field on Account Team Member in a custom report type and automate account team members using process builders and workflows.

Manually sort Opportunity Products and Quotes

Drag and drop products to manually sort the related list order.

  • Generate quotes with products in the order that makes the most sense.
  • Order each product with it’s related service and installation
  • Print the record page with the product line item list the way your users want it
  • Preferred sort order for quote line items is updated in related opportunities and PDF quotes when synced

Opportunity Product enhancements

Dependent picklist are now editable within  product selector

After picking a product for my opportunity I have a field dependency setup for Edition and Version. Once the edition field is filled, a list of dependent version will be available for the rep.

New preference for defaulting Opportunity Product Quantity to “1”
Save on clicks by defining a default value in Setup. For example, most of the time my opportunity quantity is 1 and I don’t have to edit the field now. Or maybe our business model doesn’t track product quantity or we don’t know at this stage in the sales process what the quantity will be – by defaulting to “1”, we can removed the required “quantity” field from the page layout.


Mass Actions on Search Results in List Views

No need to create a special one-off list to narrow down your targets. Your sales team will jump in joy with this feature. Now they can search their leads and contacts on their list views and do action on one shot instead of creating pain staking list views!! 😎

Organize your list views with filters based on topics. 

Sales and service team can create topics like my hot leads, my hot cases on the filtered views and act on them quickly instead of creating multiple list views. See all records with the same topic in one convenient list!!



Automatically Apply Einstein Predicted Values to Cases with Einstein Case Routing

You save your agents time and improve their accuracy with predicted field values. Save them even more time by applying and saving predicted field values to cases. Assign and route cases to the right agents and resolve them more quickly.

This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Case Classification is available for an extra fee in Lightning Experience in Enterprise and Unlimited editions. Setup for Einstein Case Classification is available only in Lightning Experience. Einstein Case Classification is not available in the Salesforce Government Cloud.

How: Add the fields that you want to predict for your agents. Then build the predictive model. Einstein Case Classification analyzes the fields in your closed-case data to determine predictions for these fields in new cases. For each field, you can turn on Automate Value to apply and save predictions to the case.

This would be a great feature for manufacturers struggling with categorizing cases for their products, handling distributor requests and rma issues.

spread Knowledge Far and Wide in More Channels

Share articles in Social Customer Service, Chat, and Messaging conversations. Agents can add a URL link to an article in case interactions. With a bit of setup, you can also let agents insert article contents in social posts and conversations.

Where: This change applies to all editions of Knowledge in Lightning Experience except Essentials edition.

Who: Agents with permission to view Knowledge articles and edit cases can use these actions in the Lightning Knowledge component and related lists. Admins with Customize Application permission can manage communication channels.

How: When Social Customer Service, Chat, or Messaging is available in the case feed, the actions appear next to articles in the Knowledge component and Knowledge related lists. Articles must be shared in customer, partner, or public knowledge base channels

To use the Insert Article into Social Post and Insert Article into Conversation actions, set up communication channel layouts in the object manager. The layout determines which fields are included in the message. Only plain text is inserted, so skip your formatted article contents and choose text fields designed for these channels.

To share article URLs in social posts, you need a social channel enabled and articles in your communities or sites.

Marketing Cloud

Send Transactional SMS Messages via API

Deliver your urgent and critical transactional SMS messages using Marketing Cloud’s new transactional SMS messaging REST API. To track your sends in real time, subscribe to SMS transactional send events on Marketing Cloud’s event notification service.

This would help to notify customers in real time on their status of orders, handle case requests.

Send In-App Messages with Content Builder and Journey Builder

Target your engaged app audience with in-app messaging. Choose from full-page, modal, or banner-style templates in Content Builder and send messages with the new in-app message activity in Journey Builder. Then, use the new analytics available from your running journey to get insight into your message engagement.

Where: This feature is available in Content Builder or in the new in-app message activity in Journey Builder.

When: This feature will be available within a week of the release for your instance. This date is subject to change.

Who: This feature is for Content Builder, Journey Builder, and MobilePush users with permission to create in-app messages.

Why: Send messages within your app to users who are already interacting with your brand

Increase Email Open Rates with Einstein Send Time Optimization

Timing is everything, but how do you know when it’s the right time to send that email? Now you can let Einstein Send Time Optimization determine the best time to send email messages to contacts in your marketing journeys. Einstein uses machine learning and 90 days of email engagement data to calculate the best time within the next 24 hours to send your email for increased open rates.

Where: This feature is available at no additional cost to customers who have signed Marketing Cloud Einstein terms for Corporate, Enterprise, or Pro edition accounts with the Journey Builder add-on after June 18, 2019.

This is a great feature for manufacturing clients to send to customers at their preferred time and time zone than doing complicated logic to compute open rates.

Prevent problems

Event Monitoring: General Availability of Real-Time Event Monitoring and Enhanced Transaction Security, Legacy Transaction Security Retiring

Keeping a close eye on what’s happening in your org is easier with the new Real-Time Event Monitoring feature, which is now generally available. Want to store the event data so that you can examine it in more detail later? You now have six months to do it. With Enhanced Transaction Security, you can create actions that trigger for any standard or custom object. We recommend that you start creating these enhanced policies right away because we are retiring the legacy transaction security framework in the future. Use the new Apex interface for asynchronous coding in your policies.
This would help to monitor download reports, any suspicious activity in your org, prevent users from screenshoting sensitive data and avoid major issues.


In-App Guidance for Feature Discovery and Adoption (Generally Available)

Clone prompts. Test prompts. Now you even have an easy way to control all prompts created by Salesforce.

 Based on feedback from early adopters of prompts during the Summer ’19 beta release, we made several enhancements that make prompt authoring and testing easier.

Prompts keep the publish status set by the package owner
For example, a prompt marked as active in the package is active after installing in your org. Previously, package prompts were inactive after installation, regardless of the publish setting set by the package owner.
Prompts update when apps and packages change
When you update the app name, the change is reflected in the list view. When you delete an app, its prompts are deleted. When you remove the package, the prompts installed from the package are deleted. With prompts installed from managed packages, you can assign, reassign, remove, or add licenses.
You can turn off all Lightning Experience in-app guidance created by Salesforce to control what your users see. Salesforce offers helpful, productivity-boosting prompts, welcome mats, and other guidance, such as:

  • Hiding prompts authored by Salesforce
  • Onboarding welcome mats for Essentials edition, Lightning Experience, Setup Assistant, and High Velocity Sales
  • Feature discovery prompts and popovers about Lightning Dialer, display density, Recycle Bin, navigation bar personalization, Salesforce mobile app, Help Menu, various related list features, list view pinning, Calendar, Opportunity score, Einstein Search (Beta), and Kanban
  • Feature adoption prompts explaining how Dashboards, Reports, Calendar, and Tasks are better in Lightning Experience

This is a great feature to increase adoption , test messages and also test the prompts to see how they perform.


Distribuor and Resller Communities

Make Files on Records Visible to Customers in Communities

Now you can decide which files customers can see on records that you share with customers in your communities. By default, files on records aren’t visible to customers in communities. The new Customer Access switch on a file’s sharing detail page lets you decide when customers can see the file.

If you want to share product manuals, cheat sheets with distributors, now you can easily share the files by default from the opportunity record.

New Exciting feature

Einstein Search Beta

Previously a search for “my open opportunities” would just look for records with those three words in them, which isn’t what you meant. Einstein Search understands natural language, and knows that those three words mean opportunities you own that are open.

The natural language queries make it much easier for users to create filtered lists on-the-fly with just a few keystrokes, and to find exactly the information they need to get their work done

Previously, Search just returned links, and the user didn’t always know which one was the right one. Einstein Search brings actionable information and tools into the Search experience so you can save clicks and save time. Record preview displayed at top of search result so you can see immediately if it’s the one you want.

Get more done without leaving the search results page. Page-level record actions, related list quick links, page level record actions and more are all accessible as soon as you click in the Search box.


  • Available on the standard global search experience in Lightning, NOT on Classic, Community search, Native CMS, Knowledge search, or Mobile.
  • Focused on top 5 objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Cases)
  • English only
  • Available to customers with 150+ licenses on Unlimited, Enterprise, or Performance Edition
  • Access is granted via Permission Set licenses
  • Personalization applies only to full-page results (not instant results)
  • Natural Language queries don’t work on custom-labeled object types (like if “Opportunities” are renamed to “Deals”)


Row Level Formulas (GA)

Empower your business users  by reducing admin support of creating custom formula fields. Row Level Formulas allows users to calculate values for every record in reports. With Winter ‘20 release, users can summarize, group, filter or use this row level formula field in a custom summary formula

How to use:

I would like to understand Time to Close in my Opportunity Pipeline Report Create a row level formula that subtracts Close Date field with NOW(), which is a date function.

Unique Row Count (Beta Replaces a lot of custom fields and the famous Power of one from Steve MO)

Unique row count helps users with calculating unique number of field values per column. Works on most field types except for blob or encrypted fields.

How to use it

For users who are used to building custom formula fields on objects just to do counts, now you can just use this feature to do unique counts saving you unnecessary custom formula fields.

Field to Field comparison in Reports(Beta)

Enables users to compare one report field with another report field.  Filter a report by comparing the values of two different report fields For example, see which cases were modified after the closing date by filtering on cases with a last modified date after the closed date.

How to use it

I would like to filter a field in my opportunity report by another field. Create a field to field filter where close date is greater than created date User can see field to field filters in report run page and can change the field to field filter also

New Salesforce Mobile App coming up replacing the old Salesforce app

With the new mobile app you get a Converged Experience Across All Devices , Minimize training costs, give users exactly what they need. Lightning Platform Customizability, Build custom apps with ready-made or custom components. Familiar and Easy User Experience Based on apps people use today.  Customize the look, feel, and functionality of your app, on desktop or mobile, to make your data work for you.

With the new mobile app and if you are an einstein analytics user, you no longer need a separate mobile app. You get einstein reports and sfdc reports in one mobile app.  😛

Easy to Use

Composing emails made snappier .With the new email composer, you can add New Related Files list in Select Files menu, Copy and paste images directly into email body, Email composer now supports copy / paste for tables while maintaining style tags and set default font aligned to user’s browser font.

Users can send list emails to contact, lead, and person account lists on a campaign. You can send List Emails for Partner and Customer Community Users.

Do More

Redesigned Activity Timeline

Quickly find relevant activities by simply scrolling through the Activity Timeline. Activities are now organized by month and year. That makes it easier to locate related activities by the time they were created. Now, users can find and open archived activities directly from the Activity Timeline or from Related Lists.

Admin Features

Quickly turn spreadsheets into objects with Object creator. Turn static spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets, CSV) into interactive custom objects. Leverage platform features including configurable UI, collaboration and mobility within minutes. Configure object data and setting including field mapping and page layouts.

This would be a great feature for users who have a lot of custom objects or in a project where you need to create a lot of custom objects from scratch.

Permission Set Groups (Beta)

Permission set groups combine selected permission sets to provide all the permissions that users need for their roles.
Suppose you have employees in your sales department who work with Sales Cloud Analytics templates and apps. They also create, edit, and delete surveys and read, create, edit, and delete accounts. You have three permission sets that contain the permissions needed: Sales Cloud Einstein, Survey Creator, and a permission set based on the Standard User Profile

You assign each permission set separately to your users. But with a permission set group, you can combine the permission sets and assign the group to the sales employees. The new Sales Staff Users permission set group contains the combined permissions of all the permission sets that you include.

Flow Features

Schedule flows and run batch jobs without code.

Schedule your flow to run at a specific time, and set its frequency: once or recurring on a daily or weekly basis. For example, ping the owners of any opportunities in the Prospecting stage that haven’t been updated in the last 7 days.

Provide a record context for your flow, and Salesforce will run the flow once for each record that meets the criteria.  This can reduce the need for loops in the flow, and allows for bulkification when acting on a large number of records.

Flow Errors the Way You Want Them

Customize how errors in flows and processes are reported in your org.

  • Post to Chatter – post to the Admin team’s chatter feed when a flow error occurs
  • Post to Slack
  • Send custom notifications, for example, sending an email to someone other than the flow creator

Process Builder Enhancement

Automate Account Team Creation with Process Builder

Configure a process action to add team members to an account. You can also configure a process to run when an account team member record is created or edited.

You can also trigger processes on a change to an Account Team Member record, for example, automatically send an email notification to a user when they are added to an account team.

Manage Delivery Settings for Standard Notifications

With delivery settings now available, admins can mute a standard notification entirely by deselecting all delivery channels and replace it with a custom notification more suited to their needs.

Standard notification types can now be controlled at the org level with delivery settings for both desktop & mobile channels. Mobile-enabled types also offer app-level settings.


Enforce Field-Level Security in Apex (Beta)

  • The stripInaccessible() security feature for field-level data protection has moved from pilot to beta and is available in production orgs
  • Use the stripInaccessible method to strip the fields that the current user can’t access from query and subquery results
  • Use it to remove inaccessible fields from sObjects before a DML operation to avoid exceptions

To summarize for Manufacturing, here are the top 3 features on Winter 20 you should leverage.

  1. For your sales teams, train them on using topics so that they can easily get to their top accounts, hot leads and contacts right away and act on them.
  2. Leverage the new mobile Salesforce app and check out the new features and prepare for training.
  3. If you love automation, consider flows in the place of batch jobs and prevent problems by creating notification alerts to support team email on flow errors.

As always feel free to post your comments and email me at for further questions.


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