What to do if your zillow lead does not show up in your salesforce org.

If you guys have zillow integration with your salesforce org and one of the feature which you have is that your leads will enter there contact information and that lead should show up in salesforce, there are situations where you may not find any lead in Salesforce and the connection is broken. Zillow does not tell you that and it takes a while for you to know by some soul searching phone calls and debugging. So what are the things you really need to check to see if your zillow connection to your salesforce org will work or not.

1. Go to the profile page for the user which you had created for zillow to login and ensure that the record type settings section has the record type enabled for the lead. Zillow requires a recordtype id and this record type should be enabled on the profile.

2. Make sure you use the correct end point for the url like test.salesforce.com/ for sandboxes or login.salesforce.com for production url followed by the schema url.

3. Ensure that you have the api enabled checkbox for salesforce on the lender billing settings page.

These 3 checklists would save you a lot of time debugging zillow integration with salesforce. Please click like if you like this post or feel free to add your comments or email me at buyan@sforcemaximizer.com for further questions.

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