Dreamforce 23 session on How to Unleash Enterprise-Wide Transformation With Salesforce for Manufacturing which you do not want to miss!!

If you are a Manufacturer working for an enterprise attending Dreamforce 23 this year, I am happy to present my session on Modernizing Manufacturing on a Single Platform which would provide strategic and tactical ways of leveraging Salesforce as part of your digital transformation.

As a Manufacturer it is always challenging to do forecasting for the short term opportunities and long term opportunities which has more variable data and inputs needed. We are leveraging Manufacturing cloud from the ground up with a solid foundation and have leveraged several Salesforce products like B2B commerce, Tableau, experience cloud, service cloud, and other products. We also have integration with SAP and bring orders data securely with Salesforce. As an enterprise Manufacturer, we have built an center of excellance with our architecture team and scaled salesforce across our business units globally. I will be walking you through different scenarios on how to build teams, scale salesforce in your organization and keep your data in compliance.

By attending my session, you would walk away with the following key items.

  • How to leverage Manufacturing cloud forecasting with your long term opportunities.
  • Best practices to scale your team, solutions with salesforce using a center of excellance based approach and goverance across the business units.
  • Key takeaways on leveraging Salesforce as a platform for your digital transformation journey.

So please click here to bookmark my session on 9/14 at 1 p.m. at the Intercontinental Ballroom A. You are always welcome to reach out to me with any questions about the session.

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Edgardo Cantu

Author: Edgardo Cantu

Have you ever paused to consider the intricate machinery that powers your favorite phone apps, company systems, or the online stores you frequent? The labyrinthine world of coding, wiring, and advanced technology that lies beneath the surface—this is where I thrive. I embarked on my professional journey as a programmer, progressing through the fundamental phases of software development and IT Project Management. This path has given me vast experience that allows me to focus on details without missing the big picture. I love new challenges and solve customer problems applying technology. My objective is to provide top-notch solutions that are modular and scalable by cultivating exceptional and motivated teams. My skill set encompasses architecting and shaping comprehensive roadmaps, ensuring that the customer's needs remain the guiding star throughout the journey.

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