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Key takeaways from the higher ed summit on use of communities in universities..

The higher ed summit in Miami was a great event and I had learnt a lot on best practices implemented by several universities. I want to share the key take aways on communities which would help the other universities to learn from it effectively.

Measure the Key benefits for using communities.

1. Communities can help in increasing the engagement of the alumni folks. Building social media integration like Linked  can bring the B2B connections to the university which would help in donations, internships and jobs for students.

2. University IT teams use communities to engage with students on outages, issues and keep them informed on major issues . This  builds trust, engagement and transparency with the students.

3. Universities also leverage communities to notify on emergencies like storms, Boston bomb blast Which North eastern university did to protect against rumors, send consistent messages to students, parents and faculty.

During implementation 

1. Universities always do a pilot with a defined audience of students first on their project, get regular feedback and change tactics to engage the students.

2. Universities use humor and constantly engage students on questions, interests and topics. This helps to increase  engagement and handle  major outages.

3. Groups are a major feature of interest for students who form their own groups on interests, needs. Connecting faculty and interested topics to the alumni increases engagement for the students.

After implementation.

1. Metrics like engagements, retweets, likes and good reviews are ways universities use to measure student engagement across communities.

2.  There is always a full time community manager who monitors engagements, increases collaboration and moderates discussions.

3. Canned responses do not work in communities.

This is a short blog post on key points on implementing communities. Please feel free to comment on this post and email me at buyan@eigenx.com for further questions. Please click like on this post and feel free to share it with your friends or team who might find this useful.

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